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Ramping Up For 2016!

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Ramping Up For 2016!

The team at MySafe:California are ramping up for 2016! We’re building a series of materials for both the public, and for regional and local fire agencies. The idea is to build a safer State, community by community.

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Our public portal will be completely online by mid-January. There, residents throughout the Golden State will have the opportunity to learn some of the best practices for managing a safe home, office, or school environment. FREE downloadable fire, earthquake, and related safety forms will be available. Online surveys will help us get the most important information to you. Our ready-to-chat fire safety experts will be able to refer you to resources relevant to fire prevention, earthquake survival, and disaster preparedness.

We’ll launch our fire agency affiliate portal at about the same time. Becoming an affiliate is the fastest way to get on board with materials localized for California. It doesn’t matter if you work with a career or volunteer fire department, our team is ready to support you. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to customized materials, including:

  • Family Escape Plans
  • Fire Safety and Home Inspection Brochures
  • El Niño Preparedness Forms
  • Hands-Only CPR cards
  • Smoke Alarm Installation Forms
  • Localized PSA videos (customized for your fire department)

If your fire agency is interested in becoming a partner with MySafe:California, the support process includes all of the above, plus additional support, including but not limited to:

  • A dedicated MySafe:California Public Education Liaison
  • A custom MySafe:YourCity website (developed by our team)
  • Smoke Alarms and a MySafe:LA installation team
  • School fire safety presentations (PowerPoint) customized for your agency
  • Access to our regional “event” coordinator, to create special events in your city or county
  • Custom fire and life safety public/education support

To learn more about these opportunities, please call us at 866-933-3475